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1. Muslims kill Muslims 2. Dear Mu`mineen, This is a war against terrorism. Nothing to do with religion or Islam. Bin Laden, has already admit that he had been organizing terrorist attacks against the US citizens. Thus, there is no need to search for evidence. The afghan government is supporting him. They still have a choice. If they extradite all the Allahless (godless) terrorists who declared war against civilians nobody will be hurt and they will be helping humanity and the reputation of Islam. If they choose to support this evil group of terrorists they will become evil too. This is the main point. Please do not create excuses such as asking for evidence against Bin Laden or possible death of innocent afghans in case of a war. As you know very well, Quran has a lot of stories of when the time comes Allah punishes the whole population of a sinful town or a nation regardless the innocent people living among them. I believe majority of afghans are true Muslims and they will welcome the US initiated war against terrorism since they have been suffering from terrorism for decades. This war will help Muslim world more than anyone else. Once the terrorism is defeated, Muslims will be able to focus their efforts to their wellbeing and wealth instead of fight with each other. Then, Muslim world will unite and be admired by rest of the world. We have to choose our side carefully. We should never support the evil because they call themselves Muslims. Second point I want to make is, once the war against terrorism is over, the Israel will have no legitimate reason to torture Arabs. If they continue to do so, they will be the second target of the war against terrorism. In order to reach that second stage, Muslim world should avoid any kind of support to terrorists. Please review your message and stop making comments and creating reasonable and misleading excuses that will lead Muslims to hesitate to support the war against terrorism. Best Regards Your brother and well wisher in Islam, 3. Kill non-believers indiscriminately 4. My opinion of the recent attack in US. -------------------------------------- This is not the way to take the revenge for what is happening in palestine and chechnya if US is supporting Israel against the muslims. It is the muslims who has to unite and fight with those who has anti muslim policy in this world. But it is very sad to say that muslims does not have to time to come out of their luxurious life and see what is happening to the community. Palestine problem cannot come to an end untill and unless the rich muslims stops giving the financial aids to the palestinians.Where is all the finance going ultimately? Everybody knows where it is credited. You think that after all the millions of dollars they receive they can`t afford to form an army and equip them with weapons atleast to protect them. But you see they are fighting with the enemies by throwing stones at them. This clearly shows that those responsible in that country does not wish the fight and the struggle to come to an end because finally the funds are also going to stop coming in. What happened in US is nothing but just an attempt out of frus- tration. Such an attempt is the work of a weak and sick person. for example if two men one weak and one strong fights it is obvious the weak one has to take the blows but the weak cannot go and kill the innocent wife and children of the strong man to take revenge as the attack on 11th sep. So my opinion is let us get our house straight before showing such frustrated child like bravery as we showed the world that how illetrate, uncultured and weak we are. In your letter you have mentioned about the innocent 20 million afghanis suffering in the would be US attack. Why they have to suffer and leave their houses, they dont have sense to protest in their country and insist their rulers to remove their so called honoured guest and come to their senses. How can a muslim tolerate a guest who is putting the life of the 20 million host in danger and spoiling the image of the billions of muslim around the world. Because of one, all muslims are suffering thru out the world. The image of Islam is tarnished overnight. To build again would take decades. Kindly reply to my views expressed such openly. Iwould like to know where I am wrong. I am also apologising for any sarcastic remarks I must have expressed in my views. MAY ALLAH BLESS MUSLIMS 5. Brother Burhan: I know you are a very intelligent individual and you making a naive statement that no Muslim organization can pull thhis act really shocks me. It is not teh act of a Muslim Organization. It is teh act of Fundamentalist terorists, who are just giving a stigma to Islam and Muslims around the world. Collin Powell has clearly inunciated that our war is not aginst Muslims or Islam, it is aginst terrorists and those who harbor these terrorist. I see nothing wrong with that statement. At the time of this hedious act, I had just landed in Dubai getting ready to catch my flight to London, when I was told that I could not fly to USA, I could go to Lonodn as long as I was aware of the fact that I woudl be responsible for my accommodations in London and that they did not know how long I would be stuck in London before boarding a flight to USA. While in Dubai, I saw the way the Pakistani Muslims both Labor and clerical level employees respond to this hideous act, There was no remorse on their side but more of a sinister smile stating the Americans got what they deserved. While getting a hair cut at a local salon, I also heard some comments that the Pakistani President would be making a grave mistake if he did not side with the Talibans and his govt. would be toppled.. All this leads me to beleive that the fundamentalist Muslims had some thing to do with this act of terror. Regards: From a Muslim individual 6. What more proof are you talking about. Have you seen Allah ? No , None still all believe, dont bullshit, Islam is not terror. But Muslims are the terrorists. Islam is a great religion but Muslims are the worst. Now don't talk like a prostitute adoring the values of chastity. You are a liar............ why you call youself Dawoodi Bora, Call yourself as a Muslim. your community is first to worship an individual like so called infidels. Come on piss off and accept the Muslims did it, they killed innocent people, not only in US every where. 7. You are distorting the facts. The fact is Afgan people and government have a choice. If they turn a Allahless (godless) terorist who declared war against civilians nobody will be hurt. If they choose to support this evil group of terorists they will become evil too. As you knew very well, Quran has a lot of stories that Allah punishes the whole population of a town or nation if they had deserved. While doing that innocent people liviong in the same place are killed too.. Please do not distort Allah`s words and the facts of Islam in order to provide support for the evil. Best Regards Your brother and well wisher in Islam, 8. Different type of martyrs. 9. My question is that I am staying in a country where muslims r in minority & the ruling government is non-muslim. 10. Testing times for muslims 11. What is a matyr?????????? 12. Is there any hadith stating that there will be one community who will fight with hind and nassara (christian) and that will on the right path. 13. I just wanted to know what is jihad ? 14. Who can declare Jihad? 15. Could you tell me who Syed Qutab was and how did he see Islam in modern times. Are Muslims allowed to overthrough a so called "Muslim ruler" who is oppressing his fellow muslims and does not follow the Islamic Law of Sharia 16. Muslims must declare war for suppressed 17. Deed which is not for the pleasure of Allah is not counted as a good deed. But there is a hadith that "Fighting for your Land is Halal and also Counted as a good Deed By Allah Please Clarify. 18. I read a hadith which said that the messenger of ALLAH said that fight jihad with hands if not so with tongue,if not so with the heart that is the weakest of faith . 19. Indigenous population of Israel 20. Muslim claims on Jerusalem