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Marriage against Parents: Marriage against parents doing shirk

As Salaam Aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.  (May Allah's Peace, Mercy and Blessings be upon all of you)

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As Salam Wa Alaikum,

My Question is that, My Parents and my family are indulge in grave sin like Shirk and me too was part of that, but Al Hum Dul Illah, Allah saved me when i attend the age of teenage. And I apologized to My Allah sincerely and Al Hum Dul Illah never return back to same path Allah Karim!!!.

My parents always celebrate all bidah and Nazaro Niyaz and every time i opposed to them and each time i faced problem and had a fight with them. Fortunately i got job in Qatar and Since Four years i stop to convince my family about Shirk and all. but, i continue to pray to My Allah to give hidayat to my Family.

When i came to Qatar, my parents were looking for my marriage. same time i told my parents that whoever bride you will select for me i will accept but she should not belongs to Shirk Community. Than my mother had fight with me than i said i don't want to get married in this condition after all this is matter of Allah Subhan Wa Tallah, i will not compromise with this.

After some time my parents select one Girl for me Al Hum Dul Illah according to my condition and they did my engagement and every thing was fine. my fiance, she made a good relationship with my family and my parents were very happy with my Fiance. After one year my parents went to my Wife home to fix the date for my marriage when i was in Qatar. They fixed the date for marriage and after fixing the date my parents and my in laws they went for outing. During their visit my sister and my mother took my wife to tomb (Dargah) than my wife she respected my mother she enter the dargah and she sat besides the gate. than my family went inside and brought water from this tomb asked my wife to drink that than my wife she refused to do that. After that incident my mother and sister started hating my wife. they came to home and after two three days they refuse to do marriage telling that girl is not good. they told me they are not agree for this marriage if i wish to continue this relation you can but we will not attend your marriage. Than i did marriage without my parents approval because the reason behind this all is nothing but Shirk Alone than how can i spoil the life and image of a innocent girl. after my marriage my parents made too much problem for me and my wife and my in laws. i came back to qatar after marriage and i continue to fulfill all my responsibilities what i was used to do even though my parents and my sister not talking to me till date. Al Hum Dul Illah i do not feel regret because this all bout bloody Shirk And Allah said (me alone is enough for you). According to me what i did is 100% correct. So what is your view from the view point of Islam.

Waiting for your feedback.

Jaza Kallah-E Khair.

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