He repented from watching movies – can he sell the TV?

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I used to have a TV and VCR at home, and it is well known that most of what is shown is either haraam or very close to it. Now, praise be to Allaah, I keep away from these things and I have repented to Allaah. I have bought a piece of land to build a mosque on it, and I need some money to pay off the rest of the price of the land. My question is: can I sell these machines (the TV and VCR) and use the money to pay someone to build a mosque on this land, or to help build the mosque? If I can sell these machines, to whom can I sell them? – knowing that most of what is shown on these machines is evil.
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Praise be to Allaah.


Do not sell them, because it is most likely that whoever buys them from you will use them for leisure purposes and haraam things. [?]. Instead, destroy what you have in order to get rid of something evil, and you will have the reward for that. But if you find someone who you think will most likely use them for permissible things, then it is OK for you to sell them to him.

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