Ruling on taking pictures with digital cameras and video cameras

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What is the ruling on taking pictures with a digital camera? What is the ruling on taking pictures with a video camera?
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Praise be to Allah.

Taking pictures with a digital camera is of two types: 

1. When the picture is a photograph or still picture. This is not permissible unless the aim is to use the picture in a permissible manner, such as pictures that are needed in order to prove identity or for a passport or driver’s license, or posting pictures of criminals so that they will be known, and other valid purposes.

It is not permissible to take pictures just for the purpose of memory and keeping the picture, as many people do. 

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2. When the picture that is taken with the digital camera is a moving image, as in the case of video clips. There is nothing wrong with this, and it does not come under the prohibition.

But it is not permissible to take pictures of anything that will help in sin or be a source of temptation, such as pictures of adorned women or places of evildoing, or places of bid‘ah and shirk by way of venerating them and telling people about them. 

See also the answer to question no. 10326 

And Allah knows best.

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