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Give zakah old dress.

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My wife had clothes of her wedding. As you know wedding clothes are very costly. She used those clothes very few times & were almost new. Somebody told her that she can utilize these clothes for Zakat. So she gave those dresses to a lady who teaches Quraan to kids on her marriage & considered it as Zakat. Though she evaluated less than half of the original price of the clothes for Zakat purpose. And the Zakat money which I gave to her she used it for her personal buying.

My question whether Zakat can be paid this way?


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Give zakah old dress

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Your Question: My question whether Zakat  can be paid this way?

Umar ibn Al-Khattab (r.a.) reported that he heard the Prophet (saws) say "If anyone wears some new clothing and says, 'All praise and thanks be to Allah Who clothed me to cover my nakedness, and made it a means of adornment for me,' and then takes his old garment and gives it in ‘sadaqah’, he would be in Allah's protection, guardianship and shelter both when alive and when dead.

Related by Tirmidhi.


There is absolutely no harm if one gives away their used clothing to a needy person as ‘sadaqah’ or voluntary charity; but the absolute majority of the scholars and jurists in Islam are of the opinion that if one wishes to fulfill their ‘zakah’ dues, it would be best if that object (wedding dress in this case) is actually sold, and the amount received from the sale is given as a part of their obligatory ‘zakah’.


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