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Finance: It was interesting to read your reply from my previous email. However the situation is not still resolved. My husband is still seperated from me because of financial differculties. I know when I married my husband he had not been working for few years because he was caring for his mum. Plus I had added pressure from friends and family to marry him as they knew I was in contact with him. I do sometimes blame myself for not educating myself the rules of marrige. Any how am up to speed with this current issue now base on conditions of before marriage. As a wife been married less then a year, am trying to find ways of improving the situation am in. If my husbands feels his a bad husband and can not provide for me what is required in Islam. I did tried to reason with him but it cause him more grief as a further result he does not was me to contact him right now unless he contacts me first to discuss his future with me. Have you come across this situation before? What are your feelings about my experiance am faced with? Do you no if I am able to work if my husband can not find work (its not ideally, that I wanted to work) I do not know or have not learn how I could be more supportive towards my husband, as he now has cut communication with me. I do sometimes blame myself as I proberly was not always sensitive to my husband when he can not find work.

As Salaam Aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.  (May Allah's Peace, Mercy and Blessings be upon all of you)

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The Prophet (saws) used to himself pray this supplication to Allah Subhanah,  and exhorted the believers to do the same:

O Allah!   You are the Forgiving.   You love to forgive (your obedient slaves).   (Please) forgive us.  Allah humma,   Innaka Afu wun,  Tohibbul Afwa.  Fa’fo anna.

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